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A born and raised lady is who you’ll be reading from. A girl people expect so much from and she ends up providing. A female that was always told to act ladylike by her family. A human being that was stepped on and shoved away more than people might imagine.
She is now closer to being herself. She is now closer to finding her voice in an intelligent way. She now doesn’t hide away in other people’s shadows when she is wronged. Someone who has had more adversities happen to them than one might expect yet she still keeps her head held high.
I am a lost soul hoping to find myself. I constantly wonder if I am portrayed to others as I wish to be and I wonder if I could ever achieve that. My goal is to leave behind good and enlightenment whenever I leave a room. For my spirit to remain entertaining the other ghosts once I take off. I find inspiration in other people’s joy. When I see someone happy I get excited to match that same contentedness. As a competitive being I need to be worse than someone, I need to work hard, I need to try to match that same expectation but maybe even better.

Now moving on from all of that sappy stuff: I am a born and raised Canadian with a Ukrainian heart. My parents were the first to immigrate so far away from their home country in my entire family. Fun fact: my motherly figure was seven months pregnant with me while she was flying across the world, but that’s fine. I had a hard time during my childhood I spoke my native language at home yet I was forced to speak a completely different language at school. English (being my third language) is still difficult for me to this day. I may not have an accent anymore and I may look like I fully belong; but I am constantly struggling. Yet I persevere and own up to my difficulty, I actually make fun of it and make light of the whole situation.
Writing has always been something I’ve been passionate about and proud of my whole life. My mama always said that if nothing works out I could be a journalist. I don’t know whether I should take that as a compliment or not, but my ego kind of needs it so I will. If someone ever tells me that they struggle with a new language I always tell them to read. Even if it’s small short stories just make sure that you find them interesting. And yes that means those romantic, mushy stories as well. Not that I read them or anything. That is what saved me and what has broadened my vocabulary.
I am different but I am proud of that. Normal is a term that people constantly use to classify themselves or a situation. If you are not normal, you are different. I don’t understand why that is the ideal thing, that is so boring. I will never do that to myself or to the people that care about me.

Now, baltering means: to tumble; dance clumsily. When I found that word, I got so excited. That word is so beautiful in my mind since it reflects me incredibly well. My quote: ¨be you, bravely¨ by unknown, speaks to me as well. I think that it is really nice word usage and sentence structure. This quote is something that I stood by my whole life without even knowing how to put it in words.

This blog will be my creative journal. I will write each story with my truth in it whether it’s a little of it or all of it. I will not pursue something I am not fully indulged and committed to. I refuse to do that for my own personal well-being. Now please enjoy this creative catastrophe.


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8 thoughts on “about me

  1. Dear Tina,

    I fell that I really got to now you by reading this piece. I liked that you shared your struggle with learning English and how you persevered through it ( it really shows your strength). I liked the creative style you added in the beginning of your About Me and hope to see more of your creativity through out this semester.

    One thing I would suggest is that you should improve how you flow into your creative portion in the beginning and the more narrative approach you took at the end.

    Other then that you did a great job and I can’t wait to see more of your work in the future.

    Sincerely Aliza

    1. Aliza,

      Thank you so much for your comment, it means a lot to me that my new blog was acknowledged. I’m very glad that my message came across successfully. I will try my hardest to improve my flow in the future.

      Thank you,

  2. Dear Tina,

    I really enjoyed the subtle hits of humor you added into your piece! I really appreciated that you didn’t use a fractured partial view of yourself but that you were literally living up to your quote instead! My favorite line was “For my spirit to remain entertaining the other ghosts once I take off.” The imagery was very beautiful and thoughtful!

    The only thing is that it may get better if you just went through it and made it flow a bit better like what Aliza said. Otherwise I found it very well done!

    Your feature image is of two roses, I was wondering why you used that specific flower/image? I can not wait to read more from you and see where your blog takes you!

    Sincerely, Simran C.

    1. Simran,

      Thank you for commenting on my About Me, it means a lot. I really appreciated the fact that you noticed my humour. I will absolutely work on my flow, thank you for pointing it out.

      Thank you once again,

  3. Dear Tina,

    I love your about me :-). The part that stood out to me the most is “My goal is to leave behind good and enlightenment whenever I leave a room. For my spirit to remain entertaining the other ghosts once I take off”. I heard you say it in class, but it still leaves me breathless when reading it once again. Your switch between creative and narrative is interesting to read.

    Speaking of the switch between creative and narrative, I felt as if the switch was really abrupt and sudden. Though, I still like the humor you put into it. The format you used for your about me was really hard to read in my opinion. A better format would be nice!

    I can’t wait to see what you’ll put up onto your blog next!

    Cindy <3

    1. Cindy,
      Thank you so much for your comment. I will work on my flow and format in the future, thank you for the constructive criticism!


  4. Dear Tina,

    I really enjoyed reading this piece! The beginning was really mesmerizing to read. The way you referred to yourself as “she” instead of “I”, added a poetic touch.

    One thing I noticed you could work on your flow of your writing. It went from poetic into a autobiography very fast. I felt it was very choppy, but did not take away from the meaning of your work.

    I am very excited to see more work from you! You are a very talented writer.

    Camdyn <3

    1. Camdyn,

      I really appreciate your comment and it means a lot to me. Thank you for mentioning the flow, I will work very hard to improve my flow in my future writing.
      Thank you for your wonderful comment, I’m glad my poetic side was recognized since I am still experimenting with it.


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