Control. A sense of certainty, a comfort zone, a place where she feels that she belongs.   Lack of control. A cause and effect provoked by a nuisance that she didn’t even want present in her life in the first place. An unsecure place where everyone pushes her in; for the learning experience she assumes.   There’s […]


I would like to thank each one for caring, even for a moment. I would like to thank each glance of pity when I cried. I would like to thank each being that showed care for me, even when they didn’t really mean it.  I would like to thank you, but I don’t really know […]


“Don’t even bother apologizing at this point, there’s no use!” “I wouldn’t apologize if there was a gun pointed to my head!”   I press on my ears. I’m pressing so hard that there’s white noise filling up my brain. If I fall asleep now, it will go away; they will go away. I just […]

woman in white

Humming in the distance, the same old song. Over and over it repeats, like a broken record. I guess that’s what you can call her, for ghosts are a fragment in time. They latch on to it and don’t let go, they’re spirits who didn’t see the light.  Humming in the distance, it’s coming from […]


Sunday, July 7, 2019 It was finally time to head over to the airport to go visit my family in Ukraine. I haven’t been there in five years and I already had new members of the family yet to meet, but the whole trip is a story for another time. I think that if I […]

not love, illusion

love /ləv/ noun an intense feeling of deep affection.   Love is an illusion.   il·lu·sion /iˈlo͞oZHən/ noun a thing that is or is likely to be wrongly perceived or interpreted by the senses.   It’s funny how people perceive this information. Many people, surprisingly, take it with a kind mind. Unfortunately, each person is […]


… He looked at her through the phone once again. She looked so beautiful. Her face full of bliss as she applied her lipstick, jamming to some hits. He chuckled to himself; her head is adorable. It holds a great brain, yet it is kind of slow … He could only recall the day he […]

Feral Child

Feet flying over the stones and twigs, screaming until there’s no more air left in her lungs. Blood dripping down her inner-thigh once again. Her feet pounding hard against the grass as she runs away from the pain in her stomach. Her lungs strained as she tried to run, to escape from the blood that […]

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